There shall be the following Classes of Members in IAFSSG:

  • Professional Member: A Professional Member shall be a serving or retired member from Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services being provided in the Airports in India and abroad. Professional Members shall pay Membership fees in the amount determined from time to time. He/She has to attend the Annual General Body Meetings of the IAFSSG at own cost or expenses borne by the Sponsoring Authority, as the case may be, as and when it is convened, and will have the right to vote in such Meetings on Agenda Items pertaining to the matters of IAFSSG.

  • All classes of Members of IAFSSG are eligible to receive copies of the periodical, AVIATION FIRE SAFETY NEWS free of cost, and other priced publications as and when made, by remittance of cost at concessional rates plus mailing charges.

  • Regular Member: A Regular Member shall be any person interested in Aviation Safety in general from Aviation Sector from India or Abroad. A Regular Member shall pay Membership dues in the amount determined from time to time. Regular Members shall enjoy all benefits and privileges applicable to Professional Members.

  • Honorary Member : Honorary Members shall be those persons who, in the opinion of AGM or the Executive Council of IAFSSG, have rendered outstanding contributory services towards Aviation Safety in general or Aviation Fire Safety in particular, or is a high dignitary from Aviation Sector from well-established International Aviation related fellow organisations like ICAO, IAFPA, ARFF Working Group, FAA, Aviation Fire Journal etc. Honorary Members shall have the rights and privileges of Professional Members, except voting rights, and shall be exempted from paying Membership fees. Honorary Memberships are awarded on the basis of Resolutions passed by AGM/Executive Council on deserving cases.

  • Organisational/Institutional Membership : Organisational/Institutional Memberships shall be open to Firms, Corporations, or Professional Associations & Rescue/Fire Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Engineering Firms, Fire and Emergency/Rescue Services Organisations, etc., who are directly or indirectly involved in the Aviation Sector in India or Abroad, and/or interested in the promotion and growth of Aviation Safety in general.

  • Membership Period: All Classes of Members (except Honorary Members) have the option to enroll themselves for either Annual Membership or Long Term Membership for 10 years. The Charges to be paid as Enrolment Fee, Annual Membership Fee, or as Long Term Membership Fee at Concessional rates will be fixed from time to time by the AGM / Executive Council, and notified to the Members through this website or through IAFSSG Journal, AVIATION FIRE SAFETY NEWS.


  • Members will get “Aviation Fire Safety News” Bulletin once in four months.

  • The Technical Panel of Group will clarify technical queries of members and the same will be either published in Aviation Fire Safety News or sent directly to concerned member.

  • The Group has direct association with similar International Groups including International Aviation Fire Protection Association, UK for sharing of information on Aviation Safety. The information received from such Groups will be disseminated for the benefit of members.

  • Interaction between members.

  • Membership in the Group will eventually benefit promotion of Aviation Fire Safety in particular, and Aviation Safety as a whole.

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Cancellation of Membership

  • The IAFSSG AGM / Executive Council (the latter by two-third votes of the Members present) may cancel any Class of Membership, with the exception of Honorary Members, for acts of commissions or omissions which adversely affect the objectives, interests and functioning of the IAFSSG, as outlined in these Bylaws and Memorandum of Association.